Owner / Creative Director

With 20 + years of production experience in both film and television, Meher understands the medium of storytelling. In 2000, after only a few years as a producer for independent movies, Meher was awarded the Arpa Foundation for Film, Music and Art's grant for Outstanding Achievement in Film. 

In 2001, Meher began producing at Entertainment Tonight as a D.G.A. Director, where he wrote and directed individual segments for ET, developing the art of storytelling in a very short amount of time in an incredibly faced paced environment. After his 6 year stint at Entertainment Tonight, he took his company, Reel Light Pictures, full time and went back to working independently as a photographer and a producer.

His photojournalistic approach for both corporate and personal events distinguished his style from the more classical photographers, giving the audience a more accurate experience of the occasion. He uses these same principles for his portraits, looking to capture the unique qualities that set his clients apart from everyone else. 



Director of marketing / business development

Over two decades of experience in business operations, client management and customer service is what Ani brings to Reel Light Pictures. Ten of those years were spent working at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, coordinating and increasing participation of the student travel programs. During her tenure at the University of Southern California, she managed part of the USC Keck School of Medicine's research department with a renown professor who consulted on chemical exposure and how it affects the brain for the movie Erin Brockovich. As the store manager of the Victoria's Secret boutique in Arcadia, her expertise increased sales and profits for her team.   

Ani's degree in Business Management and background in social media marketing has helped Reel Light Pictures grow and reach new heights. It is her leadership and great customer service which sets her and her team apart from the competition.